ESG Policy

The GrowthCurve Capital ESG and Sustainability policy is rooted in our belief that the financial success of our partners is integrated with the broader needs of stakeholders within our industry, our portfolio companies and our community at large. The foundation of this approach is based on our conviction that we are responsible for incorporating a sustainability mindset and an ESG lens from the time we source investment opportunities, through the diligence process, during ownership and including the path to monetization and exit. We will seek investments that achieve commercial success by empowering their collective stakeholders without compromising climate, health, freedom and equality.

We have built an inclusive firm where GCC professionals are committed to recruiting and developing talent that is traditionally underrepresented in our industry. We believe a diverse team will lead to better outcomes and less risk for all stakeholders. To further our ESG and sustainability objective we will:

  • Devote meaningful time and resources to integrate ESG resources and approach in the Firm
  • Implement compensation and benefit policies to create alignment between owners, directors, management, employees and other stakeholders
  • Promote equal opportunity in recruitment, competitive compensation and advancement with both our Firm and investment portfolio
  • Encourage the portfolio management teams to identify and raise material ESG issues to the relevant decision makers, including, where appropriate, board-level individual
  • Identify ESG issues as we begin to source each investment and align final investment approval with criteria that incorporate sustainability and ESG principles
  • Research material ESG issues in connection and provide ESG analysis to the Investment Committee
  • Avoid investing in companies or industries that exploit vulnerable individuals or communities, damage the environment, or society at large including but not limited to businesses with predatory practices, weapons, fossil fuels, alcohol, casinos, private prisons, tobacco, and pornography
  • Partner with portfolio companies to monitor, assess and resolve ESG issues throughout our ownership period
  •  Engage external ESG and sustainability advisors to enhance, review and modify our approach

GrowthCurve Capital has taken steps to address additional governance and fiduciary issues across our ecosystem including:

  • Adoption of policies that prohibit bribery and other improper payments consistent with the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention and similar laws in other countries
  • An explicit commitment to compliance with applicable national, state, and local labor laws in the countries in which we invest and operate as well as:
  • Paying legal wages and benefits to employees in our portfolio companies
  • Respecting the rights of our employees and stakeholders to collective bargain
  • Creating and maintaining safe and healthy workplaces
  • Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations related to environmental issues and climate change

Monitoring and implementation of these policies is essential but GrowthCurve Capital is also committed to providing annual communication to our Limited Partners regarding the actions taken to address ESG issues outlined in this Policy.