GrowthCurve Capital is a private equity firm with a proprietary approach that seeks to leverage AI, digital transformation, and human capital capabilities within its portfolio companies to accelerate their growth and create sustainable value. We believe AI provides unique opportunities to unlock new areas of value creation within our portfolio companies by enhancing their operational decision-making at scale. Together with a differentiated approach to human capital, we believe this ecosystem empowers management teams to create sustainable value.

Our control-oriented investment strategy is centered on data-rich and growth-focused businesses in three investing sectors where we have deep expertise and strong networks: technology and information services, healthcare, and financial services.

Our Investment Sectors

Technology & Information Services


Financial Services

Our Functional Capabilities


Digital Transformation

Human Capital

Our Strategy


A differentiated model for company building.

Our integrated approach combines deep functional expertise with seasoned investment professionals to seek to build strong foundations for growth.


Driving innovation in the value creation process through AI and digital transformation inside our portfolio companies.

Our holistic approach to data management, digital transformation, and embedding AI in operational decision-making within our portfolio companies aims to unlock new growth opportunities.


Building high-performing organizations.

Our comprehensive approach to Organizational Engineering seeks to enable portfolio company management teams to integrate and align all elements of human capital to their strategic growth priorities.

Our Vision

Building strong foundations for Growth by empowering our teams with leading edge Capabilities to Create sustainable value for all stakeholders.

Our Values

Frictionless Collaboration

  • One team, united around the collective success of our mission

  • We seek to deliver better results through mutual support

  • Our team and management teams are empowered to make decisions and take action

Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

  • We aim to be tenacious, with unwavering effort and commitment

  • We strive for sustainable foundations for all our decisions and actions

  • Intellectual honesty and rigor are key to our decision making

Lead with Humility

  • We try to learn from our mistakes and are unafraid of personal growth

  • We aim to actively listen with an open mind to understand different perspectives

  • We are on a quest to continuously learn from others

Embrace Change

  • We seek to challenge conventional wisdom and assumptions

  • We believe forward thinking, innovative thought leadership, and constructive dissent are critical to our success

  • We plan to embrace change and invite new challenges, while not driving to change for its own sake

Foster Diversity of Thought

  • We seek to bring together a team with a diversity of experiences

  • We believe diversity results in better decisions, increased innovation, and stronger performance

  • We encourage authenticity across all our stakeholders

Act with Integrity

  • We aim to be fair, honest, transparent and respectful in our interactions

  • We are committed to trying to do the right thing and following through on what we say

  • We are focused on the long-term best interests of all our stakeholders