Mistplay Announces the Promotion of Jason Heller to Chief Executive Officer and appointment of Amarnath Thombre to the Board of Directors

Mistplay announced the promotion of Jason Heller to Chief Executive Officer and the addition of Amarnath Thombre to the Board of Directors.

Montreal – April 24, 2023 – Mistplay (“Mistplay” or “the Company”), the leading loyalty app and game discovery platform for mobile games, today announced the promotion of Jason Heller to Chief Executive Officer and the addition of Amarnath Thombre to the Board of Directors. As CEO, Jason will be responsible for leading the Mistplay team and the continued execution of the next phase of the Company’s growth, including existing and new growth initiatives centered on building Mistplay’s position as an AI-enabled user-centric community for the mobile gaming industry. As part of this next phase of evolution, current CEO and Founder Henri-Charles Machalani’s official title moving forward will be Founder and he will remain an active board member advising the Company on strategy and product-led growth.


“I’m incredibly pleased by the rapid expansion Mistplay has achieved and even more excited by the trajectory we’re on,” said Henri-Charles Machalani, Mistplay Founder and Board Member. “Mistplay is continuing to grow and develop its product offering, and I’m thrilled for what’s to come in this next phase of the Company’s evolution under Jason’s leadership. We are also very pleased to welcome Amarnath to our board, and look forward to benefiting from his expertise and many years of experience leading and developing world-class consumer-centric mobile platforms.”


Jason previously served as Chief Growth Officer of Mistplay, having joined the Mistplay team in early 2022. He has over 20 years of experience creating enterprise growth through customer experience and commercial, marketing, and data and AI transformation. He previously served as President of Persado, Partner at McKinsey & Company where he was the global co-lead of the digital growth practice, founder and CEO of Agiliti, and Managing Director of Horizon Media. Jason has also been an Executive in Residence for Adobe, and an active advisor to numerous marketing technology, data, and AI companies.


“The Mistplay team has achieved impressive growth under Henri’s guidance and direction, and we could not be more pleased with all of the team’s accomplishments over the past year and a half,” said Andrew Prozes, Executive Chairman of Mistplay.


Matthew Popper, Head of Financial and Information Services Investing at GrowthCurve, added, “We look forward to our ongoing work with Jason and this outstanding team of industry leaders as we continue to focus on further growth and expansion opportunities that capitalize on Mistplay’s unique data and analytics platform, as well as GrowthCurve’s focus on human capital and functional and technical expertise building data-rich AI companies.”


“It’s an honor to be leading such an amazing Company alongside this talented executive leadership team and our partners at GrowthCurve Capital. Mistplay’s product-market fit and competitive position, combined with the investments we are making in world class talent, data and AI, global expansion, and new products, have set the stage for continued growth, accelerated competitive advantage, and an exciting future,” said Jason Heller, CEO of Mistplay.


Since GrowthCurve’s majority investment in Mistplay, the Company has grown its cumulative user base from approximately 17 million to 28 million and employees of the Company grew by 157% to 180.


In addition, Mistplay is pleased to welcome Amarnath Thombre, former Chief Executive Officer of Match Group Americas, to the Board of Directors. Amarnath has led consumer engagement initiatives and enterprise value creation across multiple Match Group brands, including Hinge and Tinder, over the past decade. Amarnath also sits on Solera Health’s Board of Directors and will bring multiple decades of industry expertise to Mistplay’s board. Amarnath will work with Jason, the executive team, and the Board of Directors across a number of initiatives, with a focus on consumer-centricity to accelerate user engagement.


“I am delighted to be part of the next phase of Mistplay’s growth and evolution. Mistplay has built a highly differentiated, AI-enabled business in the mobile gaming ecosystem with very strong momentum and significant opportunities for further growth and expansion,” said Amarnath.  “I look forward to working closely with Jason, the Board, and the talented team at Mistplay to further accelerate the Company’s community, product, and brand initiatives.”


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Mistplay is the leading loyalty app for mobile gamers. Mistplay fosters a community of millions of engaged gamers who earn rewards for discovering & playing new games. Headquartered in Montreal, and launched in 2016, Mistplay is on a mission to be the best way to play mobile games for everyone, everywhere. To learn more, visit www.mistplay.com.

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