Sajjad Jaffer

Head - Data, Analytics and Machine Learning

Sajjad Jaffer is the Head of Data, Analytics and Machine Learning at GrowthCurve Capital. Prior to joining GrowthCurve, Sajjad co-founded Two Six Capital, the firm that pioneered data science for private equity in 2013. Two Six Capital was acquired by West Monroe in 2020. He found the firm’s intellectual property backed by 25 years of PhD research from Wharton. During Sajjad’s tenure, he worked with a team of Data Scientists and Data Engineers to develop a proprietary technology platform combining large scale Engineering, Statistics, and Machine Learning. This technology platform analyzed granular big data sets and was applied globally across multiple industries to private equity commercial diligence, value creation, and VDD situations. Sajjad was also involved in prioritizing the firm’s R&D initiatives to scale the firm with software and data over headcount.

Prior to co-founding Two Six, Sajjad worked at Infosys Technologies, M&T Bank, and Siraj Capital. He holds a B.A. from Bowdoin, where he double majored in Computer Science and Government and minored in Economics and an M.B.A. from Wharton. Sajjad serves on the Board of the Wharton Customer Analytics center which guides the school on ways to enrich experiential learning and thought leadership around business applications of Analytics and AI.